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    For Those Looking For Work, & Those Looking to Hire

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    Bob & Shelly Richard

    Looking for employees to work this summer not having any luck, Where is a ood place to post jobs for working at a fishing lodge?

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    Kate (NOTO)

    Hi Shelly,

    If you send us a description of the job listing(s), skills required, wages and whether or not accommodations are provided we can also share your job listings on the TSNN Indeed Profile. We’ll send you any resumes we receive through this avenue and you’ll get to proceed with your normal hiring practices.

    Take care,

    Kate Boissonneault

    Research & Stakeholder Relations, NOTO

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    <h2 class=”css-1y5gii1 e1tiznh50″>Job description</h2>
    <div class=”jd-appended-job-description”>
    <div class=”jd-section-employer”>
    <div class=”jd-description-text”>

    <b>About us</b>

    <b>Please only apply if you live in Canada</b>
    <b>Please do not apply to this job if you need a ( Work Visa ) to work in Canada</b>

    <b>Looking for someone who works , not a supervisor</b>

    O’Sullivan’s Rainbow is a small business in Nakina, ON. on O’Sullivan Lake. This is a great place to work with plenty of time for Fishing, Kayaking or relaxing.

    Our work environment includes:

    • Fun
    • Private Cabin with bathroom, toilet and sink at NO CHARGE if you are not local
    • Food provided
    • Lively atmosphere

    Saturday cabin cleaning, bed making & Laundry
    Looking to fill 2 positions:
    1. Friday & Saturday cabin cleaner, A cabin will be available to you for Friday night stay to save on gas and driving.

    2. A full time position, weekly duties: cleaning bathrooms / showers / outhouse / lite yard maintenance / cleaning around cabins and outside of buildings.

    Getting cabins cleaned and ready for the season, raking leaves, mowing
    cleaning of bathrooms, showers,

    PRIVATE CABIN WITH BATHROOM to stay in for the summer, Food Included

    <div class=”jd-section-job-type”>
    <p class=”jd-description-text”>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal</p>

    <div class=”jd-section-job-salary”>
    <p class=”jd-description-text”>Salary: From $680.00 per week</p>

    <div class=”jd-section-job-taxonomy-attributes”>
    <p class=”jd-header-text”>Benefits:</p>

    • Casual dress
    • Discounted or free food
    • Flexible schedule
    • Housing allowance
    • On-site parking
    • Store discount

    <div class=”jd-section-job-questions”>
    <p class=”jd-header-text”>Ability to commute/relocate:</p>

    • O’Sullivan Lake, ON: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (required)

    <p class=”jd-header-text”>Application question(s):</p>

    • Do you Smoke or Vape
    • Can you survive without looking at your phone during working hours
    • You MUST be able to work in Canada without a Work or Student Visa
    • Are you willing to live 5 months away from friends & family, with NO cell service and limited WiFi
    • How would spend your time off work? Ex: hobbies, interest

    <p class=”jd-header-text”>Experience:</p>

    • housekeeping: 1 year (required)


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    Kingfisher Resort

    <div>Kingfisher Resort in Perrault Falls, Ont. will be requiring staff for the following positions starting May 2024.</div>
    <div>We will have one camp/dock foreman position and one cabin cleaning/assistant position. This is a great opportunity for a husband and wife team looking for seasonal employment! These are salaried positions and the main responsibilities for the camp/dock foreman entail dock and boat maintenance, cleaning fish for the guests (gratuities involved) , yard, camp and minor maintenance duties as needed. Due to the demands of the job, the successful applicants will have to be agreeable to flexible hours.</div>
    <div>There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy down-time over the course of a day and the opportunity to take a day off or go fishing is also offered. The successful applicants will enjoy a guest-driven, friendly environment and will be provided with a fully equipped staff cabin and will eat their suppers with the owners in the lodge.</div>
    <div>Serious enquiries may be made to Gerry or Linda Moran at 1-800-452-8824 or e-mail: Thank You !!</div>

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