Pine Portage Canoeing And KayakingPaddling in the 21st century has come a long way from the ‘roughing-it’ canoe trips of yesteryear.

As recently as the 1970s, a wilderness canoe trip was considered to be an adventure where enduring the hardships was all part of the experience – primitive stoves, freeze-dried dinners, canvas tents with no floors, heavy packs and even heavier canoes.

Advances in technology have had an impact on canoeing and kayaking in the wilderness.

Backpacks are ergonomically designed and made from breathable lightweight material. Therma rest mattresses give you a good night’s sleep, then roll up to virtually nothing. Light tents designed for mountaineering expeditions can be found in every outdoor store. Efficient and powerful stoves can cook a gourmet meal as fast as you could in the kitchen at home. Satellite phones, SPOT devices and GPS make wilderness adventures safer.

Early explorers and the voyageurs paddled vessels made from birch bark, kept warm with animal pelts, ate what they caught from the wild and kept bugs away by smearing their bodies with mud.

Today, a canoe or kayak experience with one of Ontario’s Outfitters brings luxury and convenience to new levels. In fact, many operate their own retail outlets to complement their expedition business, making them experts in the field of equipment.

Here’s just a partial list of the equipment designed to make canoe and kayak vacations more convenient and comfortable:


  • Lightweight and resilient canoes and kayaks made from materials like Kevlar, hybrid carbon or vulcanized abs plastic
  • More ergonomic designs
  • Kayaks designed to suit different body types


  • Freestanding lightweight tents based on models developed for extreme conditions
  • Thermo Rest sleeping pads that offer full-length mattress comfort
  • Sleeping bags that are lightweight, warm, breathable and quick drying
  • Nourishment
  • Variety of advanced technology stoves that are small, lightweight and fuel-efficient
  • Kitchen utensils, gear and storage containers that make meal preparation easy
  • More emphasis on quality food

Comfort and Convenience

  • Foldable armchairs kayak
  • Comfortable and ergonomically designed backpacks
  • Convenient and waterproof barrel packs
  • Clothing to keep you warm and dry. Modern materials are breathable and designed to be worn in layers.
  • Footwear designed to suit the terrain and activity

Safety and Security

  • Solar powered equipment
  • Lights
  • GPS devices
  • Satellite and cellular telephones

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