Forestry Notices

Jeff Mcgirr Plane View Of ForestOntario’s crown forest is divided into geographic planning areas, known as management units. Most of the crown forest management units are managed by individual forest companies under a sustainable forest licence.

NOTO receives communication and updates on a continuous basis, keeping the organization informed on matters relating to:

  • Forest Management Planning
  • Harvesting
  • Access and Construction
  • Forest renewal and maintenance
  • Monitoring and reporting

A very important link to the MNRF’s website will make navigation quicker and allow you to access essential forestry information and updates. The following should be used along with the dated communication below.

Click here to view the Forest Management Plan renewal schedule


All Forest Management Plans, notices and additional texts can be accessed on the following website: 

It can be accessed with ease and will help keep Resource Based Tourist Operators informed on activities occurring within their area. NOTO will continue to include links to urgent notices in our newsletters as they arise.

The NOTO office has received the following consultation notices which remain open for comments:
The latest notices NOTO has received are listed below:

  • Invitation to Participate: 2023-2033 FMP for Whiskey Jack Forest – Closes July 1st
  • Review of Draft FMP: Kenora Forest – Closes July 5th
  • Review of Draft FMP: Ottawa Valley Forest – Closes July 5th
  • Review of Draft Forest Management Plan for Kenogami Forest 2021-2031 – Closes June 22nd
  • 2021-2024 proposed operations for a Contingency Plan for the Lac Seul Forest. – Closes June 14th

To view these notices and to participate in the consultations, please click here. You can also view older forestry notices on the MNRF’s Forestry Website. To receive notices for your Forest Management Unit directly in your inbox, register an account on the MNRF’s new forestry website by clicking here.