Regular Members List

Below is a list of all of NOTO’s regular members listed in alphabetical order. If you would like to refine your search to locate specific members, or search by amenities that they provide, please visit the Plan Your Vacation page.

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1000407863 Ontario Inc. Operating as Sunset Lodge on Red Lake, Red Lake

Abram Lake Park, Sioux Lookout

Agich’s Kaby Kabins, Hornepayne

Air Ivanhoe Ltd., Foleyet

Amik Outposts / Lac Seul Airways Ltd., Balmertown

Anderson’s Lodge, Sioux Lookout

Andy Lake Resort & Conference Centre, Stonewall

Anglers Kingdom, Red Lake

Arrowhead Resort & Motel, Nestor Falls

Auld Reekie Lodge, Gowganda

Avalon Eco Resort, Killarney

Barber’s Resort, Minaki

Batman’s Cottages and Campground, Sheguiandah

Bauer’s Onaman Lake Cabins, Nakina

Bear’s Den Lodge, Alban

Big Hook Wilderness Camps, Red Lake

Big North Lodge & Outposts, Minaki

Birch Dale Lodge, Waldhof

Birch Hill Camp, Corbeil

Birch Point Resort, Thunder Bay

Birchwood on the River, Nipissing

Black Bear Lodge, Red Lake

Black Moose Outposts, Red Lake

Blue Fox Camp, Windsor

Bluffy Lake Lodge, Ear Falls

Bonny Bay Camp & RV Park, Dryden

Booi’s Fly-In Lodge & Outposts, Red Lake

Border Country Outfitters Inc., Emo

Bow Narrows Camp, Red Lake

Brace Lake Outfitters, Nakina

Branch’s Seine River Lodge, Atikokan

Brennan Harbour Resort, Spanish

Browns’ Clearwater West Lodge, Atikokan

Bruce Bay Cottages & Lighthouse, Bruce Mines

Brunswick Lake Lodge, Hearst

Buck Lake Wilderness Lodges & Outposts, Hornepayne

Bull Moose Camp, Red Lake

Camp Anjigami, Wawa

Camp Conewango, Redbridge

Camp Horizon, Field

Camp La Plage, Verner

Camp Lake St. Joseph Ltd., Pickle Lake

Camp McIntosh, Britt

Camp Narrows Lodge, Fort Frances

Camp Quetico, Atikokan

Camp Waterfall, Longbow Lake

Campbell’s Cabins, Fort Frances

Campbell’s Lac Seul Onaway Lodge, Ear Falls

Canada North Lodge, Ear Falls

Canadian Haven, Nestor Falls

Canoe Canada Outfitters, Atikokan

Carpenter Lake Cabins, Bruce Mines

Cedar Point Lodge Ltd., Waldhof

Chimo Lodge & Outposts, Red Lake

Clark’s Northern Lights Resort, Vermilion Bay

Cliff Lake Resort, Vermilion Bay

Cobb Bay Lodge, Ignace

Coutts Camp, Nestor Falls

Crane’s Lochaven Wilderness Lodge, Noelville

Crow Rock Lodge, Kenora

Crystal Beach Resort, Atikokan

Delaney Lake Lodge Inc., Kenora

Dog Lake Resort, Thunder Bay

Dry Pine Camp, Alban

Duck Bay Lodge, Sleeman

Eagle Falls Lodge, Red Lake

Eagle Lake Island Lodge, Eagle River

Eagle Lake Sportsmen’s Lodge, Vermilion Bay

Eden Camp Resort, Thessalon

Elk Lake Wilderness Resort, Elk Lake

Ellen Island Camp, Bridgenorth

Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort, Batchawana Bay

Esnagami Wilderness Lodge, Nakina

Excellent Adventures Outposts, Red Lake

Finlayson Lake Resort & Campground Ltd., Atikokan

Fireside Lodge, Sioux Lookout

Fisherman’s Cove (Lac Seul) Ltd., Ear Falls

Flindt Landing Camp, Savant Lake

Flint Wilderness Resort, Longlac

Fox Lake Lodge / Spanish River Outfitters, Levack

French River Trading Post Limited, Alban

Frog Rapids Camp, Sioux Lookout

Garson’s Fly-In Outposts Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie

Gateway North Outfitters, Emo

Gathering Lake Outfitters, Jellicoe

Ghost River Lodges, Sioux Lookout

Glassy Bay Outfitters, Blind River

Gold Arrow Camp Ltd., Perrault Falls

Golden Eagle Camp & Outfitting, Matachewan

Good Time Outfitters, Cochrane

Goose Bay Camp, Ear Falls

Grand Falls Camp, Thessalon

Grey Owl Camps, Biscotasing

Hackl’s Tourist Outfitters Inc., Shebandowan

Halley’s Camps, Inc., Kenora

Halverson’s, Nestor Falls

Hanson’s Hideaway Lodge, Nestor Falls

Happy Day Lodge / Prairie Bee Outposts / Goldie Outpost, Chapleau

Harris Hill Resort – Lake of The Woods, Rainy River

Hawk Air, Hawk Junction

Hawk Lake Lodge, Kenora

Hearst Air Service, Hearst

Helliar’s Resort Ltd., Nestor Falls

Hidden Bay Lodge, Sioux Lookout

Hillsport Hillton Hunting & Fishing Resort, Manitouwadge

Hornepayne Creek Outfitters Inc., Hornepayne

Houseboat Adventures Inc., Keewatin

Howey Bay Resort & Outposts, Red Lake

Hyatt’s Manion Lake Camp, Mine Centre

Island 10 Fishing Retreat Inc., Fenelon Falls

Island Lake Camp, Field

Jack Green’s Fly-In Camps, Red Lake

Jim & Julie’s Wabaskang Camp, Perrault Falls

KaBeeLo Lodge Inc., Ear Falls

Kaby Lodge, White River

Kashabowie Outposts Ltd., Atikokan

Kashabowie River Resort, Shebandowan

KC’s Landing Resort, Vermilion Bay

Keystone Lodge, Vermilion Bay

Kingfisher Resort, Perrault Falls

Kirk Kove Cottages & Marina, Arden

Knobby’s Fly-In Camps, Sioux Lookout

Lac Seul Evergreen Lodge, Ear Falls

Lac Seul Floating Lodges, Hudson

Lac Seul Wilderness Resort, Oxdrift

Lady Evelyn Camp, Latchford

Lake Onaping Lodge & Outpost, Sudbury

Lakeland Airways Ltd. / Three Buoys Houseboats, Temagami

Lauzon Aviation, Blind River

Leisure Island Houseboat Rentals, Temagami

Leuenberger’s Fly-In Lodge & Wilderness Outpost Camps, Nakina

Limberlost Lodge, Thessalon

Limerick Lake Lodge & Marina, Gilmour

Loch Island Lodge, Dubreuilville

Lodge Eighty Eight, Sault Ste. Marie

Long Point Lodge, Elk Lake

Loon Haunt Outposts, Red Lake

Lost Lake Wilderness Lodge, Elk Lake

Lower Twin Lakes Lodge, Nakina

Lukinto Lake Lodge Ltd., Longlac

MacKenda Wilderness Lodge, Oakville

Manitou Weather Station, Fort Frances

Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre, Little Current

MarMac Lodge, Desbarats

Matt & Janelle’s Nungesser Lake Lodge Inc, Red Lake

Mattice Lake Outfitters, Armstrong Station

Maynard Lake Lodge, Kenora

McIntosh Lodge, Vermilion Bay

Memquisit Lodge Ltd, Monetville

Merkel’s Camp, Dryden

Meta Lake Lodge & Outpost Camps, Nakina

Minakwa Lodge, Gogama

Moose Haven Lodge, Charlton Station

Moose Horn Lodge, Chapleau

Moosehorn Lodge Limited, Sioux Lookout

Mylie’s Place Resort, Morson

North Caribou Camps / Bear Creek Outfitters, Armstrong

North Spirit Lake Lodge, Red Lake

Northern Walleye Lodge, Missanabie

Northern Wilderness Cottages, Missanabie

Northern Wilderness Outfitters, Fort Frances

Northwest Flying Inc., Nestor Falls

NOTO, North Bay

O’Sullivan’s Rainbow, Nakina

Ogoki Frontier Inc., Base – Armstrong Station – (Shuniah – Mail)

Ontario Wilderness Houseboat Rentals, Morson

Owl’s Nest Lodge, Alban

Pakwash Lake Camp, Ear Falls

Paradise Point RV Park & Marina, Sioux Narrows

Pasha Lake Cabins, Beardmore

Pine Acres Camp, Vermilion Bay

Pine Cliff Lodge, Dryden

Pine Grove Resort Cottages, Port Loring

Pine Portage Lodge, Wawa

Pipestone Fly-In Outposts, Emo

Pipestone Point Resort, Kenora

Press Lake Camp, Ignace

Rainbow Camp & Trailer Park, Noelville

Rainbow Point Lodge, Perrault Falls

Red Pine Lodge, Foleyet

Red Wing Lodge, Morson

Ritchie’s End of Trail Lodge, Biscotasing

Riverview Cottages, Dokis First Nation

Rocky Shore Lodge, Perrault Falls

Ross’ Camp, Emo

Rufus Lake Outfitters Inc., Kapuskasing

Rusty Myers Flying Service, Fort Frances

Saenchiur Flechey, Monetville

Sand Bay Camps, McKerrow

Shawanaga Lodge, Pointe Au Baril

Shawmere Cottages Inc., Lyndhurst

Shuswap Camp, Monetville

Silver Water Wheel Lodge, Dryden

Sioux Lookout Floating Lodges, Sioux Lookout

Slate Falls Outposts, Sioux Lookout

South Shore Lodge, Eagle River

Spruce Island Camp, ULC, Morson

Stanley’s Resort, Vermilion Bay

Stormer Lake Lodge, Red Lake

Tamarack Island Wilderness Lodge, Morson

Tang of the North Lodge – Nestor Falls, Nestor Falls

Ten Mile Lake Camp, Ignace

Test Business,

The Outpost Company, Minaki

The Voyageurs’ Lodge & Cookhouse, Batchawana Bay

Thousand Lakes Outposts, Thunder Bay

Thunderhook Fly-Ins, Armstrong Station

Timber Wolf Lodge, Fort Frances

Tinker’s Places, Nestor Falls

Tomahawk Resort, Sioux Narrows

Totem Resorts, Sioux Narrows

Trapper Mick’s Bear Hunting, Elk Lake

True North Airways, Azilda

Tunnel Lake Trading Post & Resort, Thessalon

Twin Lakes Outfitters and Wilderness Camps, Nakina

Tyc’s Blindfold Lake Resort, Kenora

Vermilion Bay Lodge, Vermilion Bay

Voyageur Quest, South River

Voyageur Wilderness, Atikokan

Wabakimi Wilderness Canoeing, Fishing & Moose Hunts, Thunder Bay

Waterfalls Lodge Inc., Spanish

Watson’s Skyways Ltd., Wawa

Wee Point Resort, Manitowaning

Whitefish Lodge & Outpost Camps Ltd, Wawa

Wilderness North, Thunder Bay

Wildewood on Lake Savant, Savant Lake

Williams Lake Lodge, Dryden

Windy Point Lodge, Wawa

Wine Lake Camp, Perrault Falls

Winoga Lodge, Sioux Lookout

Wolseley Lodge, Noelville

Woman River Camp Ltd., Ear Falls

Wright’s Wilderness Camp, Red Lake

Young Lake Lodge, Ignace

Young’s Wilderness Camp Inc., Nestor Falls

Zaverucha Outfitters, Cochrane