Kingfisher Resort

<div>Kingfisher Resort in Perrault Falls, Ont. will be requiring staff for the following positions starting May 2024.</div>
<div>We will have one camp/dock foreman position and one cabin cleaning/assistant position. This is a great opportunity for a husband and wife team looking for seasonal employment! These are salaried positions and the main responsibilities for the camp/dock foreman entail dock and boat maintenance, cleaning fish for the guests (gratuities involved) , yard, camp and minor maintenance duties as needed. Due to the demands of the job, the successful applicants will have to be agreeable to flexible hours.</div>
<div>There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy down-time over the course of a day and the opportunity to take a day off or go fishing is also offered. The successful applicants will enjoy a guest-driven, friendly environment and will be provided with a fully equipped staff cabin and will eat their suppers with the owners in the lodge.</div>
<div>Serious enquiries may be made to Gerry or Linda Moran at 1-800-452-8824 or e-mail: themorans221@hotmail.com Thank You !!</div>