TSSA Reminder Regarding Dispensing Fuels

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TSSA Reminder Regarding Dispensing Fuel

The 2020 summer season saw an immense increase of recreational boaters on our waterways in some areas of Ontario. More boaters means more people that could potentially come to your dock looking for fuel.
NOTO and TSSA want to remind Camp operators, if you wish to sell fuel to anyone other than your guests, you must have a marina license. This would move you from a Private Fuel Outlet (PFO) that requires no license to a marina.
A marina license is required if you are dispensing fuel directly into the fuel tanks of watercraft. A full serve gas station license is required if you are dispensing fuel into vehicles or portable containers for the public.
Remember, these additional licenses will come with additional regulations and requirements that you will have to comply with.
To learn more about how to apply for these additional licenses you can visit: 
PFO Information: https://www.tssa.org/en/fuels/private-fuel-outlets.aspx
NOTO also has information available at https://noto.ca/fuel

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