MNR Announces Cuts to Moose Tags in 2014

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MNR Announces Cuts to Moose Tags in 2014
In an MNR press release circulated on April 16, 2014, it was announced that the 2014 moose tags across the province would be decreased by about 18% this year.
The NOTO Office has confirmed that this will not affect the tourism tags that have already been allocated for this year. Those tag numbers will not be altered for 2014.
The tag reduction that they referred to in this news piece is the resident draw. The resident draw officially opens today.
However, discussions for the 2015 tourism tag allocations will be held next month and indications are that tags will be reduced for all allocation groups next year.
NOTO is asking the MNR to find proactive management solutions other than simply reducing tags to bring back sustainable moose populations in the province. If the moose populations are decreasing, then cuttings tags is not the only tactic or strategy that MNR should be considering.
We need to know why our moose populations are declining. There are a range of potential reasons for this downward trend, ie. an increase in calf predation from bear and wolves, disease, harsh winters, migration due to growing deer populations. We need more information in order to stop this downward spiral.
NOTO is urging MNR to work cooperatively with the standing committees like the Ontario Moose Bear Allocation Advisory Committee (OMBAAC) and Big Game Management Advisory Committee (BIGMAC) as well as industry and stakeholder groups like NOTO and OFAH to review the current situation and re-evaluate moose management practices.
We will of course be turning to you, our members, in the coming months for your insight and suggestions for potential solutions to help turn our declining moose populations around. We encourage you to share your ideas with us.
To see the release from MNR click the link below:
Ontario Reducing Moose Tags for 2014
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