Exploring Membership Opportunities

Exploring Membership Opportunities

Focus on Preferred Supplier & Associate Categories


Recently, NOTO staff and Preferred Supplier President, Jeff McGirr (Yamaha Motor Canada), held a great meeting with our Preferred Suppliers to discuss the future direction of the Preferred Supplier Membership Category. There are great opportunities we are currently exploring which would increase the value and retention of a Preferred Supplier membership.

As we work on developing opportunities to recreate a bigger and stronger Preferred Supplier membership base, we strongly encourage our regular members to shop with our Preferred Suppliers first. They support the advocacy work we do on behalf of the industry, and many offer discounts to NOTO members. If you are currently dealing with a supplier who is not a member, talk to them about NOTO’s work and the benefits of supporting our long-standing advocacy organization.

Throughout our discussions, we’ve also considered the rebranding of the Preferred Supplier &/or Associate membership category to Corporate or Community Champions. The idea behind the potential rebranding would be to attract businesses who may not deal directly with tourism, but who may still be interested in supporting the work we do on behalf of the industry (ex: mining companies, construction companies, etc.).

All action items identified by our Preferred Suppliers and the potential rebranding of our membership categories need to go through the Board of Directors for discussion as NOTO bi-laws may be impacted.

We look forward to continuing this discussion & growing our membership base!