A Message From The President of Our Allied Members

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A Message From The President of Our Allied Members
December 21, 2017
Hi Everyone, 
Peter Spanyi, Allied PresidentI am both honoured and proud to be representing you as the current President of NOTO’s Allied Board of Directors. There are some great things happening at NOTO and I wanted to take a moment to share some of my thoughts with you.
First, if you are an existing allied member, thank you for supporting both NOTO and the Northern Ontario tourist industry. With your membership you are not only showing NOTO’s members that you have a vested interest in their industry but also showing other service providers that membership in NOTO makes sense. NOTO members can find you on the NOTO website and if you are offering a cost savings benefit to the members this is also posted on the website.
For those of you who may happen to be past allied members we hope you’ll consider coming back as there are a lot of benefits of being an allied member.
For camps that are members of NOTO, similar benefits are available to you by doing business with our allied members. There’s a trust factor knowing that you’re dealing with companies who support the same organization that you belong to and as I eluded to earlier in my letter there are cost savings benefits to you for dealing with allieds.
NOTO is on it’s way back to the glory days as Laurie Marcil has carved out a successful relationship with many of the major players in both industry as well as government. NOTO is your voice to the government and works tirelessly for you to ensure your concerns are being heard. If you’ve been thinking of rejoining NOTO, now is the time. Leadership is strong both from within the office as well as a young dynamic board who are poised to make NOTO great again.
If you missed the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit in November in Sudbury, you owe it to yourself to pencil the 2017 Summit into your schedule. The Summit is a great place to network, gain industry education and connect with like minded individuals who work as hard as you do for the betterment of the tourism industry. The 2017 Northern Ontario Tourism Summit will be held in Thunder Bay, November 15-17.  
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Peter SpanyiPresident – NOTO Allied Board of Directorspeter@graphixworks.com

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