Will The New Strategic Policy For Bait-fish Impact You?

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Will The New Strategic Policy For Bait-fish Impact You? 
The EBR posting for public comment on this policy closed on June 27. NOTO submitted comments based on feedback we received from industry. The two main concerns expressed centered on the movement of bait and the prohibition of use of baits in wilderness, nature reserve, natural environment, waterways and cultural heritage class parks where some outfitters currently operate and are allowed to use bait. The possession of bait in recreational class parks and conservation reserves is to be generally allowed. If you operate within the boundaries of a provincial park and are not sure if you will be affected please contact us at NOTO.
The new policy is proposing the establishment of Bait Management Zones, these zones are basically a combination of current fishery management zones, but will prevent the movement of bait outside of zones, which will pose severe challenges especially for fly-in operators who cross zones from their base operation to their outpost. We have proposed possible solutions and requested a meeting with the MNRF to discuss this matter in greater detail. 
Our interaction and discussions with the MNRF continues. Kindly contact us at the office and let us know if you operate in or on the boundaries of any of the provincial parks listed below and are allowed to use bait to fish. We need this information as early as possible so that we can commence putting together our case to quantify the number of businesses that will be affected by the proposed policy

Provincial Park Classification
Woodland Caribou wilderness
Pakwash natural environment
Blue Lake natural environment
Rushing River recreation
Aaron recreation
Ojibway natural environment
Sioux Narrows recreation
caliper lake recreation
Sandbar Lake natural environment
Quetico wilderness
Wabakimi wilderness
Kakabeka Falls wilderness
Sleeping Giant natural environment
Quimet Canyon nature reserve
Pigeon River  
Rainbow Falls recreation
Neys natural environment
White Lake natural environment
Nagagamisis natural environment
Fushimi recreation
Missinaibi  waterway
Potholes nature reserve
Pancake Bay recreation
Batchawana Bay recreation
Ivanhoe Lake natural environment
Wakami Lake recreation
Mississagi natural environment
Biscotasi waterway
Halfway Lake natural environment
Spanish River waterway
Chutes recreation
Misery Bay nature reserve
Windy Lake recreation
Fairbank recreation
Killarny Wilderness
Solace wilderness/waterway
Lady Evelyn Smoothwater wilderness/waterway
Makobe -greys river wilderness/waterway
Esker Lakes natural environment
Kap-Kig-Iwan natural environment

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