USDA Reversed the Import Ban on Hunter Harvested Wild Game Birds

We are very happy to announce that the USDA has reversed the import ban on hunter harvested wild game birds yesterday.

However, it is very important for you and your guests to read the following processing and packaging conditions that apply.

Unprocessed hunter-harvested wild game bird carcasses, originating from or transiting Canada, must meet following conditions:

  • Viscera, head, neck, feet, skin, and one wing have been removed; and
  • Feathers have been removed, with the exception of one wing – as required by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) for species identification; and
  • Carcasses must be rinsed in fresh, clean, potable water prior to packaging and must not have visible evidence of contamination with dirt, blood, or feces; and
  • Carcasses must be imported in leak-proof plastic packaging and stored in a leak proof cooler or container during transport and import; and
  • Carcasses must be chilled or frozen during transport and import.

APHIS further recommends that boots and any equipment used to process the carcasses should be clean and visibly free from dirt, blood, tissue, and feces.

Cooked or cured meat and meat products (for example, sausage, jerky, etc.) will not be allowed import as U.S. FWS requirements cannot be met to identify the species of wild bird.

Wild game bird trophies entering the United States from Canada must be fully finished, or accompanied by a VS import permit.

You can read the official notice by clicking here.

For any questions regarding import of animal products, please call 301-851-3300 or send an email to It is important to note that these requirements have been put in place and are being enforced by the US Government. CBSA and MNRF will not be able to answer any questions regarding this announcement.


For US Fish and Wildlife requirements for the hunter harvested wild game birds from Canada, please contact them at