TSSA Licensing Modernization Initiative Consultation Now Open

TSSA has launched an online public consultation to seek feedback on its Licensing Modernization Initiative. TSSA is proposing annual licensing of specific entities, facilities and activities to enable regular and predictable touchpoints with its regulated sectors.

Annual licensing is proposed for:

  • Liquid Fuel Distributors and Private Fuel Outlets (PFOs) (most camp operators)
  • Operating Engineer (OE) Plants
  • Propane Distributors
  • Digester, Landfill and Biogas Plants (DLBs)

Based on the comments received from stakeholders, TSSA will submit a proposal for regulation changes to the Ontario government to enable this annual licensing. This consultation is part of a first phase of several stakeholder engagement intended to introduce the Initiative, gather feedback, and understand concerns.


The deadline to submit comments is January 12, 2024.