Transportation of Bait 2024

Individuals cannot transport bait from the US into Canada.


CBSA has confirmed that no bait will be permitted to enter Canada in any way, shape or form again this year.

We would also like to remind operators of the following regulatory changes that took place effective January 1, 2024 for the movement of bait between Bait Management Zones (BMZs) in Ontario. Changes to rules related to the possession, use and transport of bait (baitfish or leeches) include allowing:

  • A person to transport bait through an adjacent Bait Management Zone (BMZ), only if they use a direct route through the adjacent BMZ to reach a destination in a BMZ where they lawfully obtained bait.
  • Preserved bait to be transported into and out of a BMZ, as long as the bait is:
  • dead
  • has been preserved (treated or prepared in a manner to prevent decay or decomposition) using a method of preservation other than refrigeration or freezing
  • Preserved bait for fishing to be possessed and used in Bait Management Zones. It can also be used in the Great Lakes or the Ottawa River.

Other changes will allow commercial bait operators to:

  • preserve their bait with salt and other preservative agents
  • buy and sell bait that has been preserved with salt and other preservative agents
New Bait Transportation Regulations (Within Ontario)