Transport Canada Proposing Requirements for Engine Cut-Off Switches on Certain Small Vessels

Transport Canada is searching for comments on their proposal to introduce new requirements on installing and using engine cut-off switches on certain recreational vessels. As it currently stands, Canada only requires engine cut-off switches be installed on personal watercraft.

The switches have been required by the United States since 2019. The U.S. requires manufacturers to install engine cut-off switches on recreational vessels that:

  • are less than 26 feet (8 metres)
  • can produce at least 115 pounds (511 Newtons) of static thrust or 3 horsepower (2.2 Kilowatts), and
  • have a primary helm station that isn’t in an enclosed cabin

As of 2021, the U.S. now requires vessel operators to link themselves to an engine cut-off switch if their vessel includes one.

To increase boater safety, Transport Canada would like to introduce the same requirements as the U.S. using the criteria listed above. Transport Canada may also require operators to link themselves to an engine cut-off switch if their vessel fits the description above and already has an engine cut-off switch.

Consultation will remain open until May 19th, 2023. Click on the button below to submit your comments.

Whether you are in favor of this proposal or opposed, we highly encourage operators to share their thoughts with us so that we may include them in our submission as well.

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