Transport Canada Flight Duty Time Impacts Surveys

As you may be aware, NOTO has formed a national coalition to advocate for changes in the new flight duty time regulations from Transport Canada. The Coalition of Northern Air Services and Stakeholders includes over 30 businesses and organizations representing air transportation, tourism, mining, agriculture, northern airports, and remote communities across Canada.

I know you are all still in the midst of your busy season but we need your help to enhance our advocacy efforts regarding Transport Canada’s regulations on flight duty times that came into effect this season. We know that these new regulations have had serious implications for air carriers and their clients. We need the data to showcase these impacts.

If you are an air carrier, operator, stakeholder, client, or community which has been impacted by the new flight duty time regulations, please take a moment to share with us the impacts you have experienced by responding to the applicable survey listed below.

Flight Duty Time: Air Carriers Impact:

Flight Duty Time: Stakeholder, Client & Community Impacts:

Data will be collected by NOTO and shared in aggregate form with the national Coalition of Northern Air Services and Stakeholders as well as the appropriate Ministers and other contacts in order to support our advocacy efforts on your behalf.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Laurie Marcil

Executive Director of NOTO