The WOW Customer Experience – Theresa Syers

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Keynote Speaker Highlight: Theresa Syers – The WOW Customer Experience

Good service is no longer good enough. In order to ensure long term profitability, customer loyalty and advocacy, you must be delivering a consistent experience that WOW’s your customer at every touch point from every employee.

Beyond good service, your customers want to feel engaged and valued every time they do business with you. Creating the’wow’ is all about creating a memorable emotional connection; it’s about;  ‘How You Made Them Feel! So many companies make this their brand promise but fail to deliver on it.

This session will motivate you to a different level of understanding when it comes to the best of the best in service. You’ll now focus solely on the emotional connection and mastering the subtle details. You’ll turn ordinary into extraordinary memorable experiences!

Your customers will be highly satisfied resulting in positive word of mouth, social media praise, high profits and high advocacy! The opportunity is there; act on it!

1. Understand the difference between great service and a ‘wow’ customer experience.

2. Identify the driving principles, processes and practices that generate consistent customer engagement, loyalty and significant brand equity. You’ll take away tips and techniques for immediate implementation of new actions.

3. Identify the benefits from being experiential including; enhanced revenues, customer loyalty, advocacy and social media support.

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