The Use of Marijuana on Site

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The Use of Marijuana on Site
All camp owners pride themselves on making their guests experience the best it can be. To help ensure a safe environment for all, camp owners reserve the right to limit or prohibit certain items and substances from being brought on to or the use of items and substances limited to certain areas on the premises.
We have heard from several operators who have concerns on how to control the usage of marijuana by guests and employees at their lodges. Through consultations with the Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS), and Gougeon Insurance, NOTO has created some guidelines to help operators create “house rules” surrounding the use of marijuana on site.
It is recommended that operators treat impairment as impairment, regardless of the substance used. Cannabis in Canada is primarily regulated under the Cannabis Act however it is provincially regulated under Bill 174 – Cannabis, Smoke-Free Ontario and Road Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, 2017. To see a summary of the regulations surrounding cannabis, please visit the Ontario Cannabis Laws.
Here are some key regulations operators should consider while creating house rules for the use of marijuana on the premises:

  • Individuals under 19 years of age cannot possess or use any drugs, tobacco or alcohol
  • Individuals may carry a maximum of 30 grams (approx. 1oz) of dried cannabis at any time
  • Cannabis can not be consumed in a vehicle or boat that will be, or is being driven
  • The use of any motorized vehicle or boat is strictly prohibited while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. ** Important note for operators with houseboats: it is legal under the Ontario Cannabis Laws to smoke cannabis on boats that have permanent sleeping accommodations and cooking facilities as long as they are anchored. If cannabis is consumed while the boat is moving, or an individual is operating the boat while impaired, it can lead to DUI charges.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited in common areas (such as a main lodge, lobby, etc.) and in designated smoke-free areas (cabins). 
  • It is prohibited to smoke or vape in sheltered outdoor areas with a roof and more than two walls in which the public or employees frequent
  • Bringing cannabis across the border is illegal, including cannabis used for medicinal purposes unless the proper permit is acquired. (Note: these permits are apparently very difficult to obtain.)

NOTO has also heard of operators who are concerned about the use of marijuana in the workplace. We have updated our Employee Manuals to include the regulations surrounding the use of marijuana in the workplace and to include the recent changes to the Employment Standards Act. NOTO members receive substantial discounts on these manuals.WSPS has also provided us with a few links to guides which may help operators with the use of marijuana at the workplace.

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