The OUTFITTER is back!

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A Happy New Year to all of you! We hope that this year will be better for business in every aspect.  This year, we intend to improve the way we communicate with you. We are determined to keep you in the loop and foster an atmosphere of engagement and involvement.
As you read this release, some of you may have already received the printed copy of the mini Outfitter. NOTO had discontinued the production of the Outfitter magazine due to the high production and distribution costs. However it was never the organization’s intent to totally discard the publication. We have received numerous requests for the Outfitter and early this year we materialized a smaller printed version of the original Outfitter magazine.
Those who have received the mini Outfitter have already given us some very positive feedback. Many applaud the less time consuming version and the concise information that it includes. We are very pleased that we were able to reduce the production and distribution costs, while at the same time keep it a reputable publication. Most importantly we are now able to communicate more effectively with you through this information piece.
We are very much interested in getting your feedback about this communication piece.  It will assist us in ensuring that we are more effective and efficient in delivering a high quality service to the sector.  
We have also made this publication available electronically. It can be downloaded from this link Mini Outfitter. Please feel free to share this link. We would welcome any feedback or suggestions you would like to share with us.

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