SCAM NOTICE: Companies Pushing “Mandatory” Training

We’ve been advised by a few members over the last few weeks who received phone calls and e-mails from various companies stating false information about mandatory training requirements to meet the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health & Safety Act.

Many representatives from these companies often push training courses at a couple hundred dollars per piece, many of which are available for free through the Ministry of Labour’s website. One company even claimed that it is mandatory to have Mental Health Training under the Employment Standards Act, which is not true.

Mandatory training requirements as per the Ministry of Labour’s regulations include the following:

Under the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health & Safety Act, you need to go over your employee manual and health & safety policies with your employees (you can also use the Ministry of Labour’s book available for free online to meet these requirements). This training program may be delivered either:

·        face-to-face with one worker or a group of workers using the workbook

·        electronically through an eLearning module

Employees need WHMIS if they deal with any kind of cleaning products, gasoline, or any other kind of chemicals.

Under the Act, all workplaces must have policies on harassment and violence at the workplace, make their employees aware of the steps to take if harassment or violence occurs, have the employee sign off that they’ve received and understand the policy and maintain the record, and must have posters where their employees can see it. Free poster link:

The Ministry of Labour also encourages Disabilities, Accessibility, and Sensitivity Training. These courses are also available for free through the Ministry.

·        AccessForward Training link:

·        Human Rights Code Training: