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We need all operators to join in order to be the most effective advocacy and industry support organization.
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Renew or Join for 2014 and Save!!
NOTO is pleased to announce that our membership fees will NOT increase again this year.  We have maintained the same membership rates since 2008. Why?…because your membership is important to us!
Stay Up To Date: Being a member means that you will be kept up to date on regulatory and policy changes from many different ministries. You will also learn what NOTO is doing on your behalf to ensure that these changes still enable you to continue to run successful businesses.
Be Part of the Solution: From time to time, NOTO reaches out to it’s members for input on anything from fisheries regulations to guest tracking software to composting toilets. Your input can help shape NOTO’s objectives and/or help out another member. This is our way of providing the industry with a strong sense of community. You are never alone when you are a member of NOTO.
We encourage each and every tourist operator to stand up for their businesses and be a member of NOTO. There is strength in numbers and more resources brings power. Help us be powerful for you!

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During these difficult economic times, we need your continued support so that we can help when you most need it. With our advocacy work on your behalf, our information support, our money-saving and marketing benefits, we’re here for you. If you have any questions about membership, do not hesitate to contact myself or Anita Dewar anytime.
Renew or join today and let’s get to work together. 

Take care,
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