REMINDER: 2021 Moose Regulation Changes for Outfitters

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REMINDER: 2021 Moose Regulation Changes

As we enter the moose hunting season, here is a reminder of the new regulations that came into play for outfitters.

  • Validation certificates are being eliminated. MNRF will only be issuing moose tags and hunters can only be issued one tag per year.
  • Tourist outfitters who have been allocated tourism industry moose tags based on the distribution of shares in each WMU will apply for moose tags for their registered guests.
  • Residents and non-resident hunters will need to purchase their moose tags in addition to their moose hunting license. Moose tags will cost $30 for a calf tag, $150 for a cow/calf tag and $200 for a bull tag which is paid by the registered guest through the Fish and Wildlife Licensing Service. A cow/calf tag allows the hunter to harvest either a cow or a calf, not both.
  • Non-residents cannot acquire a moose tag unless they use the services of a moose outfitter and hunt as a registered guest.
  • If a resident hunter claims a moose tag that they have been awarded through the point-based allocation process, they can not purchase a moose tag through a tourist outfitter.

Hunter Reporting:

  • Hunter reporting requirements are similar to the past, but the requirement is now based on moose licence holders.
  • All moose hunters must submit their report to the outfitter by the required deadline – and generally should provide their completed report to the outfitter before they leave their place of accommodation.
  • The hunter report will now be a separate form, not part of the 1026 form.
  • All resident, non-resident and hunters that are party hunting on a tourism industry tag must submit a hunter report with information on hunting activity and harvest while hunting on the TI tag.
  • The law requires hunters to complete reports accurately and submit them on time to outfitters, and for outfitters to submit all completed reports to MNRF by the required deadline.

There are also other changes and additional information on these regulation changes that can be seen in by clicking on the button below. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: We have heard from many of you that you are frustrated and curious about changes that you are experiencing in your moose tag allocations for 2022. NOTO is reaching out to MNDMNRF to request a webinar to provide moose operators with the opportunity to hear the science behind these changes and ask questions. We will keep you posted as soon as we are able to confirm this.

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