Proposed Revisions to the Rules for Catch and Release of Fish During Recreational Fishing

MNRF is proposing changes that would:

  • Allow anglers to delay the release of a fish caught during the open season for that species only long enough to photograph, measure and weigh, if the fish is of a restricted size or over daily catch and possession limits; and
  • Require the immediate release of fish that are out of season, are species at risk or are otherwise prohibited under the existing recreational fishing rules.

The purpose of these proposed changes is to improve the overall angling experience in Ontario by providing clarity to anglers on how they can document their catch and experience.

We encourage operators to submit comments on this proposal. If you are in favor of this proposal, it is important to let MNRF know by submitting a comment to that affect. Since these changes will impact our guests’ experiences, it is important to ensure the Government will take the time to educate new anglers on the proper handling of fish and the importance of catch & release for fisheries as a whole.

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