President’s Message – Dec 2018

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  Hilary Chambers, Pine Grove Resort Cottages
December 2018 President’s Message
As I sit here writing this festive message, I have two 10 point bucks and a 6 point foraging in the snow outside my window. How lucky are we to be able to live this life?
The tourism industry comes with a whole host of challenges, even more so if you are an outfitter in the north. Our resiliency, good cheer and rugged charm are our trademark.
No matter what we face as an industry, it’s important to note that the Great Canadian Wilderness on our doorstep, and the unique hospitality that we offer cannot be duplicated or matched elsewhere.
I’m still riding high off the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit and the information that I brought home with me to better our business and assist our community in becoming more welcoming to tourists. If you were not able to make it there this year, I hope you attend in 2019 as this will indeed be a celebratory year for NOTO. We are making great headway with our strategic planning process and continue to welcome your thoughts on this project.
On behalf of NOTO, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Board members Sue Crane, Kathy Descamps, Ashley Chartrand and Les Sparks. I am very pleased to announce that with the addition of these dedicated members, we now have a full Board of Directors. We have struggled to fill vacancies over the last number of years and it is fantastic to see all of the seats filled.
I hope that everyone had a spectacular 2018 season and that 2019 brings you blessing in life and business. From what I see the year ahead is shaping up to bring further growth in tourism for Northern Ontario.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best of the New Year to you and yours.
Hilary Chambers
NOTO President
Pine Grove Resort Cottages

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