Preferred Supplier Spotlight – Septo Clean



Septo Clean has been a choice for effective waste reduction and odour control at campgrounds and fly-in fishing camps across Canada since 1963.

Originally marketed as “the non-pollution product” Septo Clean was an environmentally safer choice to handle, store and use long before the environment emerged as the dominant concern of the 21st century. The Yukon Government has used Septo Clean in their parks for three decades to treat waste in a sensitive and fragile environment.

Septo Clean is an economical treatment for septics, holding tanks, outhouses, composting toilets and grey water systems. Our composition outperforms its competitors because of its finely divided granules, which present a much higher surface area to the bacteria, on which they feed and colonize.

Please find enclosed our price list for 30 lb pails of Septo Clean for your septic system and RV retail sizes in wholesale case quantities prepaid to your location. See attached dealer price by clicking on the button below.

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Phone: 905-683-0111


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