Ontario Tourism Recovery Program Report Reminder

Recipients of funding through the 2021 Ontario Tourism Recovery Program (OTRP) are reminded of the October 31, 2022, report deadline.

Businesses that have not completed their report were sent a reminder email from otrp@ontario.ca on September 5, 2022. Reporting includes details on the use of funding and program performance measures. All recipients must complete these reports to maintain their eligibility for future Ontario government funding programs.

The September 5, 2022, email provides a business specific link to the online report form, instructions for completion, and a summary of eligible and ineligible expenses. This email was sent to the primary contact, identified by the recipient in their November 2021 application. Following successful report review by the Ministry, final outstanding payments will be released.

Recipients approved for less than $20,000 have received full payment but are still required to complete the reporting obligations. Businesses approved for amounts greater than $20,000 have received 80% of funding and the final 20% will be released following submission and successful review of their report.

Recipients that received less than $250,000 are required to complete the final report and complete the online summary of invoices detailing the eligible expenses paid with the grant.

Recipients that received $250,000 or more are required to complete the final report and submit an audited and certified statement of OTRP revenue and expenditures, detailing the eligible expenses paid with the grant.

To complete your report, locate the September 5, 2022, email (from otrp@ontario.ca ), follow the business-specific link to the final report (use Google Chrome) and enter the report authorization number listed in the email. Confirmation of your CRA business number may also be required.

Report questions should be sent to otrp@ontario.ca and must identify legal business

name and CRA business number in the enquiry.