Online purchase of Fishing and Hunting licences

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  A number of operators have recently been in touch with us with question and concerns around the new MNR License Automation System. For many operators, the MNR license website is an easy alternative.
What will you need?
1. A computer with internet connectivity that is hooked up to a printer to print the temporary licence.
2. The computer must have Acrobat Reader software installed.
We have spoken to several operators who chose to go this route and it worked very well for them. They made their computer available to their guest to fill out their information and it was simple and efficient. Many of them who acquired the machine just to provide a service are now reconsidering whether they need the machine at all.
To access the MNR page to purchase the licence online please click the link provided and it will take you to the MNR page.
Link : Fishing and Hunting Licences

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