NOTO Website Error – Renewal Notices

NOTO staff are aware that all regular members received a membership renewal notice on January 1st or 2nd that contained all other members’ renewal notices as well in one lengthy e-mail.

While this may have looked like a scam or hack, we can assure you that this incident was caused by a coding error in the back end of our website. Early Bird Pricing/Renewal Notices were meant to be sent out through our website automatically to each member individually. We do apologize for this error.

A few members reached out as their automatic renewals are set up for later in the year (summer/fall months). These payments will be proceed automatically at the effective rate on the date stated on your membership profile on our website.

While no password or personal account information was compromised in this error, members can opt to change their password by clicking here.

We do sincerely apologize for this error.