NOTO’s Newest Preferred Supplier: JillyFRAZ



Denise Levinter is the name behind JillyFRAZ. She has been designing custom private label programs for some of the top beauty brands in the world for over 25 years. That cosmetic bag or pouch you receive as a Gift with Purchase might have been designed by her company DL Global Group.
When March 2020 hit, everything changed. The company knew that they had to ‘PIVOT’ the business. The world was going to be different and they wanted to develop ‘good for you’ products that were both fun and easy to use.
With the introduction of their product SOAP-ON-THE-GO; came a quick, easy, and portable way to wash hands. Each pop-up container holds 50 paper thin sheets of soap that are BIODEGRADABLE, water-soluble, and non-toxic. Just pull out a sheet with dry hands, add a small amount of water into the palm and lather away!
SOAP-ON-THE-GO can be taken anywhere and everywhere. It is ideal for outdoor camping, picnicking, fishing, hiking and every trip in between. Each tiny pack fits neatly into a pocket, purse, backpack, tacklebox or lunchbox. Literally anywhere! 
Available in 6 great scents: Lemon, Ocean, Tea Tree, Apple, Peach and Lavender.
Remember; the sterilizing power of paper soap protects your hands and reduces the risk of carrying bacteria.
The single most important method to eliminate germs and bacteria is to wash our hands!