NOTO Objects to Unworkable New Moose Tag System

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This issue is a prime example of how important our members are to NOTO.  Without the tourist operators taking the time to contact us about this issue, we would not have known there was a problem.  
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NOTO Objects to Unworkable
New Moose Tag System

A letter from MNR dated August 1st, 2012 was recently received by Moose hunt operators announcing a change to the procedure for distributing non-resident moose tags. New procedures associated with the Licensing Automation System require a valid non-resident moose license number to be provided before a tag is issued. NOTO only learned about this change last Friday, when a concerned operator called to alert us to the problem. Unfortunately, MNR chose not to communicate this substantial and highly disruptive change in to us in advance.
We have been in contact with MNR and have clearly indicated that the new procedure is completely unworkable. We have long been accustomed to issuing moose licenses when the guest arrives, since the vast majority of moose outfitters are license issuers. Therefore, the moose license number is not available until the guest arrives, and MNR has traditionally accepted a list of guest names in order to provide tags to the outfitter. License numbers are added to the records after the license is issued.
Many moose hunters are hunting in Ontario for the first time. In order to obtain a moose license they require a hunting Outdoors Card.  In order to obtain this card they must provide proof of prior hunting experience in another jurisdiction. This cannot be done online, since they must present in person to show their proof of experience. As a result, there is no available method for these guests to obtain the necessary Outdoors Card or moose license in advance in order for the outfitter to obtain the necessary validation tags. Most guests arrive on a weekend, when MNR offices are closed, so the tags are not available. In any case, this extra step is a cumbersome and unnecessary burden to the operator and their guests.
We have clearly alerted MNR to the problem and are guardedly hopeful that an acceptable solution will be developed quickly. We delayed this communication in hopes of having a solution in hand, but felt the need to provide a status update in light of the delay in getting a solution from MNR.
We will update you further as this moves forward.

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