NOTO Embraces A Year of Discovery

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NOTO Embraces A Year of Discovery
As you are aware, Doug Reynolds completed his time here with NOTO at the end of January. I am sure that many of you are wondering what is happening now at NOTO. Recently, I was asked by the Board to serve as the Acting Executive Director. I am honored to serve in this position and embrace the many tasks and challenges that this position entails.
Our NOTO office staff continues to include Anita Dewar, our Administrative Assistant and Andre Dukhia, our Tourism Development Specialist. I want to assure you that this team will continue to carry out the work that must be done on your behalf. Our NOTO staff remains available to any of you who have questions about anything from fishing and hunting licences, drinking water, septic systems, HST, border crossing issues, boating regulations and much more.  If we don’t have the answers, we’ll help you find them. 
Let us not forget our Board of Directors. These 12 people are committed to working with the staff to ensure that we stay focused by providing the overall direction, goals and objectives of the organization.  We encourage you to visit our Board page on the NOTO website to familiarize yourself with your Board members. 
My first commitment to you as Acting Executive Director of NOTO is to increase our communications with our members.  Please monitor your emails as we will endeavor to send out more regular messages to keep you informed. Keep in mind that communication works both ways. We need to hear from you if there is something happening out there that we can help with. You are our ears on the ground.
As your industry association, we have many tasks ahead of us.  I believe that as we continue to deliver on the services that we have been mandated to do, we must also look upon the year ahead as a year of discovery for NOTO.  It is time for us to take a comprehensive look at why we are here, what we need to do and how we do it moving forward?  Having worked for NOTO for over 22 years now, I KNOW that the industry needs a strong organization to represent their needs and to provide them with quality information in a timely manner.  We must determine how to continue to provide these services effectively given the recent changes in the tourism environment with the development of the Regional Tourism Organization structure across the Province. 
One notably important component of achieving effectiveness is increasing our resources through anincrease in membership. Over the coming months we will be contacting our members and a great number of non-members in hopes of determining a number of things. Why do people join and remain supportive of NOTO?  Why people do not support NOTO? As tourist operators, what needs do you have that we have not addressed, and the list goes on. I encourage each of you to start thinking about your answers to these questions and be ready to provide us with your input. Your feedback is crucial to the development of a future direction for NOTO.
Please remember, this is YOUR organization. It is the only association representing the entire resource-based tourism industry.  We need to have your support in order to do what must be done.
I leave you today with a call to renew your membership or join in support of NOTO this year. For those of you who are members, I also ask you to talk to your neighbors and industry peers and tell them why you chose to support NOTO. As I have stated many times before and I continue to say it with conviction…YOUR membership matters!
I appreciate the support that I have received from my Board, members and non-members thus far.  If you have any thoughts that you would like to share with me as we move forward just pick up the phone (705)472-5552 x24 or send me an email at
Take care,
Laurie Marcil
Executive Director (Acting)

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