NOTO Continues to Press for the Removal of Border Restrictions

Following the industry survey results, NOTO has been continuing our advocacy efforts to have all border restrictions removed to allow the resource-based tourism industry to begin recovery.

This week, we have reached out to the Federal Minister of Tourism, Minister of Public Safety, Minister of Health, Minister of Emergency Preparedness and countless other Federal MPs again, to share with them our survey results which show that large number of cancellations continue as a result of all border restrictions and pre-entry requirements.

The letter that was sent along with the survey results also highlights the urgency of the situation many operators, especially those in the Northwest, continue to face as a result of large revenue losses, a substantial amount of debt, and on-going cancellations due to border restrictions. The cost of gas and travel as a whole is also beginning to play a role in cancellations and is further hampering efforts to access the domestic market.

The Northern Ontario Border Working Group is currently drafting a letter that will be signed by all member organizations as well we are planning to host a press conference to present the challenges the tourism industry continues to face on a daily basis and demand that border restrictions and pre-entry requirements be removed immediately.

The Northern Border Working Group is co-chaired by Laurie Marcil – NOTO, David MacLachlan – Destination Northern Ontario, Chris Bloore – Tourism Industry Association of Ontario and the members of the working group are as follows:

  • Mike Wozny, Destination Northern Ontario
  • Kate Boissonneault, NOTO
  • Heather Bot, Algoma Region
  • Gerry Cariou, Sunset Country Travel Association
  • Stephanie Hopkin, Destination Northern Ontario
  • Stephen Burnett, The Great Lakes Cruise Association
  • Alan Cheeseman, Wilderness North
  • Lacey Riggs, Tourism Timmins

We very much appreciate the time and dedication of our colleagues on the working group as we continue to take strong recommendations forward.


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