NOTO Conference Agenda Spotlight on Trip Advisor

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NOTO Conference Agenda Spotlight
“How To Use Trip Advisor”

What’s brewing for the NOTO conference? Have you registered yet? We have some fantastic sessions planned for you; you cannot afford to miss these sessions.
Here is a peek!
There is a growing trend by travelers to use social media to reinforce travel decisions. Guests, particularly new ones are turning to Trip Advisor to help them choose a destination.
We have a presentation planned to look at the Trip Advisor website both as a consumer and as a business operator, to understand how it works and how to use this tool to ensure that your property, attraction, or area is the one guests choose.
Our presenter, Ken Turner of Ahmmic Lake – Woodland Echoes Resort, is planning an interactive (online) presentation with actual examples of how Trip Advisor works and how to make a web presence. Be sure to join us, questions are more than welcome at any time during or after the presentation.

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