NOTO 85th Annual Conference – Award Recipients

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President's award received on behalf of Gerry Webber
Jim Antler of the Ministry of Tourism received the Award from NOTO’s president Marg Watson on behalf of his colleague Gerry Webber

Tom Pearson
Tom Pearson of Camp Narrows Lodge display his award with the award presenter Jocelyn Filippini, NOTO’s Allied President.
Bob Giles handed over
Al Errington Jnr. accepts the Bob Giles award from Jim Antler of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture on behalf of Carol Caputo
NOTO 85th Annual Conference –Award Recipients
Three awards were presented to outstanding figures that are well known for their sterling contribution to the furtherance and growth of tourism in the province.
Due to super Storm Sandy quite a few people were prevented from attending the NOTO conference this year in Thunder Bay, unfortunately two of the award recipients were affected.
The NOTO president’s award is usually awarded to a non-industry person who has contributed significantly to the tourism environment through individual effort and dedication.
The 2012 NOTO president’s awarded was presented to Gerry Webber of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport.
The Outfitter of the Year award was presented to Mr. Tom Pearson of Camp Narrows Lodge for his outstanding contribution during the past year.
And Finally the Bob Giles Award is presented annually to a NOTO member in recognition of outstanding performance in the field of Northern Ontario Tourism. The 2012 Bob Giles Award was presented to Carol Caputo of Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association. This award was presented by Jim Antler of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
Carol Caputo  Gerry
                   Carol Caputo                               Gerry Webber

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