Northwestern Ontario Tourism Operators Planning a Peaceful Rally

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Northwestern Ontario Tourism Operators Planning A Peaceful Rally
June 1, 2020

Hello fellow tourism operators!
Thank you to NOTO for allowing us to use their newsletter to reach out to Northwestern operators. We felt this was one of the best ways to get the word out.
A movement is underway to organize a peaceful rally/protest to draw attention to the fact we need meaningful support from the government for tourism that we have not yet received. Anyone with a stake in tourism is welcome to join us. Just to make it clear, we will not tolerate profanity, violence, or any talk about the border opening or the virus.
Our mission and goal is clear – we need meaningful help and clear communication from the government to save our businesses since they won’t allow us to even open to Canadian tourism. We also need the government to allow USA business owners across the border so they can protect their investments.
We have a code of conduct to sign at the rally upon entering that basically states the above message. This will show anyone in authority our intention to protest peacefully and follow all social distancing guidelines.
If you want to get involved, you can email or call or Facebook. We have a group called Tourism Matters NWO Rally that you can go to and ask to join. If you cannot make it because you are stateside, let us know your lodge name and we will make sure you are represented!
Steve Smith: 807-728-3167
Julian Kalka: 807-220-6330
Christine Swafford: 812-345-1098 or 807-529-3231 
Please join us!
Thank you.

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