Northern Ontario Tourism Summit –Speaker’s Spotlight

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Barb FerrellBarb Ferrell is a seasoned tourism marketing and sales executive. In 20+ years at Canadian Pacific Hotels and Fairmont Hotels & Resorts she gained extensive experience in the North American and international tourism markets. She is a proven success at identifying and developing new business opportunities, product and niche markets, and is equally adept at drafting sound marketing strategies and implementation plans.
As founder of Ferrell & Partners Marketing Inc., Barb helps tourism organizations, their partners and operators understand, attract, and retain their best prospects and customers.
Barb will be conducting two sessions at the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit. “Exploring International Markets-Key Elements for Success”  will be a practical workshop on Wednesday 19 and “International Markets 101 for Tourism Operators” will be a three hour comprehensive post-summit session on Thursday 20th.
Workshops Description
“Exploring International Markets-Key Elements for Success”
A practical introduction for Northern Ontario Tourism Operators:  How international tourism inbound to Canada works; including an overview of the core markets where Ontario is actively marketed, and what types of experiences are currently being sold.  We will discuss key considerations for industry partners and operators who wish to develop business from offshore markets; what it means to be “market-ready” and the importance of tailoring product to align with the preferences of international customers.
“International Markets 101 for Tourism Operators”
A comprehensive introduction to how tourism from international markets to Canada is developed; how Canada and Ontario are promoted; understanding todays visitor and what we need to do to attract high potential target customers in each market.  We will discuss the product development and business cycles; international regulations for the travel industry and what they mean for us; market-readiness criteria and the critical role of partnerships at a local level in building this business.  Participants will receive a readiness checklist.

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