Northern Ontario Tourism Summit –Speaker’s Spotlight, Brian Dykstra

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Guest Speaker Jon Montgomery, Olympian and Host of Amazing Race Canada
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BrianHow to Position your Business for an Effective Sale & Planning your exit strategy from the Industry.
Brian Dykstra is a Real Estate Agent specializing in the Brokerage of Businesses (Focus on Resource Based Tourism) and has been in this business since 1988. Since 1978 Brain has been a businessman, owning and operating several different types of businesses ranging from automotive, to housekeeping lodge to forestry. Currently he is the owner / operater of a large motel and restaurant business, which he has had since 2008.
Brian is the recipient of many sales awards from Royal LePage. He is the recipient of an OPP Commissioners citation and formerly; vice president of NOTO, a member of the Ministerial Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board and chair of FedNor Advisory Board.
In this session of how to position your business for an effective sale and planning your exit strategy from the Industry, Brian will be having an open discussion on matters such as establishing a realistic valuation for your business, the different types of sales approaches (shares vs assets) and what the tax and legal implications are for both approaches.
Some other important aspects of this discussion will cover:
– Business staging…getting your business assets ready for a sale.
– Understanding the demographics of Buyers and the motivations for someone to purchase your business.
– Discussion about preparing the documentation necessary to list and sell your business.
– Discussion about the Negotiation, Offer, and Closing stages of selling a business.
– Why some businesses sell and others don’t. 
– Discussion about Presenting and selling your business yourself or utilizing the services of a Realtor.

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