Northern Ontario Tourism Summit- Session Spotlight, Ontario Ministry of Labour

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The Ministry of Labour team, in addition to making a presentation, will also be present at the summit’s trade show for the entire period. 
joanneJoanne Gordon
Joanne Gordon has been with the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) since May 2013 as a small business specialist. In this role, she provides advice and recommendations in the development of the small business strategy. Joanne works closely with health and safety partners and business associations to promote appropriate programs and resources for small businesses. Prior to joining the MOL, Joanne managed the Safe Communities Incentive Program at WSIB. She understands the unique challenges facing small business and is passionate about making a difference in health & safety in Ontario workplaces.
Joanne Gordon welcomes the opportunity to communicate the Ministry of Labour’s (MOL) priority to support occupational health and safety improvements in small businesses. She will summarize the MOL plans and activities related to small business.
John Reid
John Reid spent 8 years as an Inspector and the last 2 years as an Industrial Regional Program Coordinator with the MOL. John works with and supports Industrial Inspectors within the Thunder Bay and Timmins Districts and worked with Stakeholders this past spring, presenting information in advance of the “Remote Camps Initiative” which was conducted this past summer in response to a growing number of injuries and deaths within this sector.
This presentation will promote safety at all levels of your business regardless of the size by promoting the Internal Responsibility System (IRS). It will accomplish this by discussing the Occupational Health and Safety Act and some of the duties of employers under the Act. There will be a review of the “Remote Camps Initiative” conducted within the northern region this past summer.

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