WIN: Ministry Not Moving Forward With 15-20% Increase Ethanol Content in Fuels in 2022

Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Author: NOTO

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WIN: Ministry Not Moving Forward With 15-20% Increase Ethanol Content in Fuels in 2022

As a follow up to an article we presented in our March 26th NOTO update, NOTO is pleased to share that our coordinated efforts with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and other recreational vehicle organizations have resulted in saving our individual stakeholders from facing costly changes in recreational and fuel dispensing equipment.

We had previously shared the intent of the Provincial government to increase ethanol content in regular fuel to 15% and 20% as early as April 2022.

On April 6th, the Ministry has confirmed that there will be no increase in ethanol blending in 2022. No increase above the current 10 percent ethanol content will occur before 2025 where it will increase to 11 percent. In 2028 the percentage will increase to 13, and then a max of 15 percent in 2030.

Ethanol blending will remain restricted to “regular gas” with an octane level of 87. There are no plans to blend ethanol into the medium (89) and high octane fuels (91) in Ontario.

Furthermore, MOE noted that local fuel suppliers such as marinas can order unblended “regular fuel” by demonstrating to fuel producers/ distributors that the end use is for boats, off road vehicles, small engines, etc. Some regular fueling stations may also order unblended fuel for its small engine or specialty engine customer requirements. Currently, those fueling stations are listed at

The Federal government is pursuing its own ethanol blending strategy and we will continue to monitor and take action if necessary.

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