Province-Wide Shutdown FAQs

Monday May 03, 2021

Author: NOTO

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Province-Wide Shutdown FAQs

The State-of-Emergency, the Stay-at-Home Order, and all regulations under the Reopening Ontario Act will remain in effect until May 20th, with possibility of extension. The Government is strongly advising all individuals to avoid travel outside their respective public health regions at this time.

Please Note: Local medical officers of health also have the ability to issue Section 22 orders under the Health Protection and Promotion Act to target specific transmission risks in the community. All operators are encouraged to reach out to their local health units to make sure they comply with all regulations and restrictions in their respective districts.
If I choose to open my lodge to essential workers, do they each need to have their own separate cabin?

The clarification we received from Government is that essential workers do not necessarily need to each have their own individual accommodations. NOTO recommends that if you choose to house essential workers at this time, recommend that employees share accommodations with the crew they work closely with on a daily basis and continue to implement strict health and safety protocols in your establishment.
If I choose to open my lodge for recreational guests, do they need to come from the same household?

The clarification we received is the following: Under the Stay-at-Home order, the regulations state that individuals are only to travel for essential purposes such as getting groceries or medical appointments. Travel outside of your respective health region is not permitted at this time. It is up to your guests to respect this regulation. If you do choose to operate your business regularly during this time, individuals will need to be from the same household in each cabin/cottage and you will need to comply with the regulations established for lodges.
For seasonal campgrounds; do those with a seasonal permit need to stay for a full 14 days?

Under the current regulations, seasonal campgrounds can only be open to those with seasonal permits and those in need of housing during the emergency period. Only campsites with electricity, water services and facilities for sewage disposal may be provided. All recreational facilities in the campground and all other shared facilities in the campground, other than washrooms and showers, must be closed. 

The clarification we received is the following: to comply with the stay-at-home order, individuals who are permitted to be on the campsite can only be there for under 24 hours (to do maintenance) or stay a minimum of 14 days for the same purpose. Seasonal campsites are treated as secondary residences for the purpose of the latest shutdown period/regulations. 
Can I Hire Staff for Maintenance?

Under the gathering restrictions, it does say that the gathering restrictions do not apply with respect to attendance at a business for the purpose related to providing services if the business is not required to close under this order. We highly recommend you follow public health guidance, enforce social distancing and mandatory mask wearing, encourage frequent hand washing, and continue to implement health and safety protocols.
Are my cottages classified as a Short Term Rental, or am I classified under Hotels, Motels, Lodges, Resorts, Cottages, Cabins and Other Shared Accommodations?

For the purpose of these new regulations, NOTO recommends you look at the industry classification given to you by the CRA for tax purposes. Businesses that offer cottage/cabin rentals are sometimes classified under the same number as hotels/motels and lodges, while others will specifically be called short term rentals.

You can find your classification by looking for your North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS #).
If your NAICS number begins in either 7211 or 7212, you would fit into the hotels, motels, lodges, cabin rentals, etc. for the purpose of this shutdown. However, you must ensure you comply with the seasonal campground regulations (if applicable to your business), as well as the stipulations highlighted for lodges in O. Reg 82/20 (under #25 and #26)

However, the gathering restrictions and stay-at-home order will make it tricky for the guests to comply with the current regulations. This is something to consider.

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