Great News for US Camp Owners!

Friday Jun 05, 2020

Author: NOTO

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MORE GOOD NEWS! US Camp Owners Will Now be Permitted to Enter Canada!

This just in from Canada Border Services Agency. Please read through it carefully and follow the recommendations for proceeding. We can't wait to welcome all of our US camp owners back.

To our Valued Partners in Tourism,

As you may have heard, the province of Ontario has allowed lodges, camps and cabin rentals to start reopening subject to safe protocols and restrictions. This only applies to Canadian guests as the border restrictions continue until June 21, 2020.

Foreign Nationals who own a Canadian lodge/camp will be allowed to apply for a LMIA exempt work permit at the Ports of Entry, so long as their business qualifies to open and their intent is to operate for the summer of 2020.

Once a work permit is issued, the Foreign National would be allowed to enter as an authorized worker, but will need to be able to self-isolate for 14 days at a designated address subject to public health quarantine rules. (Information will be provided when you arrive at the border)

To facilitate a large influx of people seeking work permits we would like to have you contact the Port of Entry where you normally cross and they will direct you as to any changes in the process. In Fort Frances, where we issue the majority of camp owner work permits, we will be implementing a pre-screening process and be issuing the permits by appointment to handle the volume. I hope that by mutual respect and cooperation we can meet the needs of this large group of foreign workers and keep our backlogs to a minimum. We are also working to ensure the health and safety or our Officers and all of our clients in this challenging time.

As a group of business owners you have been patient with the inability to attend to your place of business and I would ask for your patience over the weekend as we ready our processes to prepare for your arrival. We will be in a better position to accept your work permit applications next week and will start the scheduling of appointments after we review the information that you will be asked to provide.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Telephone number for our Ports of Entry are as follows:

Rainy River POE – 807-852-3341

Fort Frances POE – 807-274-3655

Pigeon River POE – 807-964-3000

Sault Ste Marie POE – 705-941-3063


Kevin Begin
Canada Border Services Agency/Agence des services frontaliers du Canada
Northern Ontario Region/Région du Nord de l'Ontario
Fort Frances Port of Entry/Point d'Entrée Fort Frances
101 Church Street/101 rue Church
Fort Frances, Ontario
P9A 3X8
(807) -274-5426

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