A Notice from CBSA on Bait

Monday Jul 26, 2021

Author: NOTO

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A Notice from CBSA on Bait

NOTO has been notified by CBSA that they will not allow any bait (worms, minnows-live or dead, and obviously no leeches) into Canada. Currently, the only people permitted to import any of these would be commercial bait dealers who may be able to satisfy the CFIA or MNR in order to import them legally.

CBSA is concerned that with all the other rules which may affect border wait times (verification of public health rules for entry and other admissibility), they don’t have time for education on newly implemented bait rules. They also don’t know how widely these rules have been circulated in the United States and have asked us to help circulate this information to guests prior to their trip across the border.

We need to remind our guests that this may be a temporary measure during this first phase of reopening. We know it is one more thing for our both operators and guests to keep in mind but if we want their entry process to go smooth, we will need to help guests be prepared.

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