New Written policy Requirements For Employers

Employers that employ 25 or more employees are required to have:

  • a written policy on disconnecting from work
  • a written policy on electronic monitoring

These requirements apply to any employer that employs 25 or more employees effective January 1 of any year. The policies must be in place by March 1 of that year. Each employee must receive a copy of the written policies (either physical or an electronic copy).

Employees to Include in the Count:

Anyone who meets the definition of an “employee” is counted, including:

  • homeworkers
  • probationary employees
  • trainees
  • officers of a corporation who perform work or supply services for wages
  • employees on contracts of any length
  • employees who are on lay-off, so long as the employment relationship has not been terminated and/or severed
  • employees who are on a leave of absence
  • employees who are on strike or who are locked-out
  • assignment employees from temporary help agencies

Where an employer has multiple locations, all employees employed at each location in Ontario must be included in the count when determining whether the 25-employee threshold has been met.

You can view more information about these policy requirements by clicking on the links below: