New Transmission Lines to Pickle Lake

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  Wataynikaneyap Power is proposing to develop a New Transmission Line to Pickle Lake , which includes a new 300 km 230 kilovolt transmission line and associated Project components from the Dryden Area to Pickle Lake.
Wataynikaneyap Power has initiated an Environmental Assessment (EA) process for Phase 1 under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act. The Final Terms of Reference has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment.  The comment period on the Final Terms of Reference commences on May 13, 2013 and ends on June 11, 2013. 
This news piece has an attached copy to the Notice of Submission of Terms of Reference that was sent out by Wataynikaneyap Power , the original notice has all the relevant information that will allow you to comment on the final Terms of Reference. The Original Notice can be accessed and downloaded by clicking on: Notice of Submission of Terms of Reference
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