New Fishing and Hunting Licence System

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  The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has recently adopted a new system for selling licences for fishing and hunting. The system is currently being implemented in different stages. 
The Licence Automation Service (LAS) pilot has been completed and the rollouts to year- round issuers have commenced and are in process. The rollouts to seasonal issuers will commence in the spring of this year (2012) and this will affect most of you.
The Licence Automation Service aims at better customer service, more efficient operation and better information storage and retrieval. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Licence Improvement team made a presentation at the NOTO Conference in November 2011. The team did an excellent job at explaining how the system functions and some of the changes that were implemented to make it more efficient.
NOTO has created four short video clips of the MNR presentation to share with you. We are sure that you will find the information in these clips useful as many of us did when we participated in the session at the NOTO Conference last fall. We are also in the process of sharing feedback with MNR so that they will be in a better position to address questions and concerns that you may have about the system.
If you have additional questions that were not addressed in these clips, please feel free to forward them to us so that we can correlate our efforts with the MNR to ensure that the spring rollout of the Licence Automation Service Point of Sale terminals are implemented smoothly.
The clips can be viewed on the NOTO YouTube channel:  Fish and hunting licence

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