Networking, a BIG Focus at The NOTO Conference.

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Networking, a BIG Focus at The NOTO Conference.
Do you have thoughts, ideas and views bottled up inside? We know that many problems can be solved through sharing our thoughts with one another. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within our industry, let’s share it.
In keeping with NOTO’s Year of Discovery we have tailored our conference agenda to capture your ideas and put them to work.
Here are three opportunities to share…
To show that we’re serious, we are kicking off this year’s conference with an open delegate discussion forum. We hope that by opening the conference with an open discussion, it will encourage continued discussions between members and our Government friends over our two day event. Some of the things we would like you to talk to us about are:

  • What are some of the major issues or challenges you faced this year?
  • What services or information would you like NOTO to provide to its members?
  • Have you noticed any changes in our wildlife (good or bad)?
  • How can we best communicate with you, individual emails, monthly electronic newsletters, by mail…?

Bob David, Liaison to NOTO on Operational Issues and MNR District Manager – Sioux Lookout and Stephen Harvey, MNR Senior Policy Advisor will be available to answer your questions and will be looking for your input on the following topics:

  •    *Land Use Permits – What are the available options for tourism business?  What does it mean to move to a 30 year lease?  What is the process? How do we get a list of available LUPs in our operating area?
  •    *Tourism Guidelines/Forestry – How does this document apply to my business? What changes have been recently proposed for this policy and how will these changes affect my business? How have our interactions with the forest companies been this year?

Our presenters would like to encourage NOTO members to think of questions for the panel associated with the topics but they would be happy to take on any other items members wish to discuss.
As we stated earlier, we find that we can often assist members solve problems by simply asking other members for help. So this session will hopefully help facilitate sharing solutions to everyday problems. Delegates will work with us to select a few topics of interest and each table will discuss one of those topics.  These discussions can be on any topic from staffing, housekeeping and maintenance tips, composting toilets, office administration it will be up to the delegates in the room to decide. Our hope is that this session will enable operators to share their ideas and learn from each other.
So plan to join us and let’s start talking!
There’s still time, call us today to sign up.

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