More Practical Workshops at the NOTO Conference

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We have some fantastic and very important sessions planned for you; you cannot afford to miss these sessions.
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More Practical Workshops at The NOTO Conference
Here are a few more practical workshops that will be available for participants of the NOTO Conference next week. 
Disaster Planning
There is one simple question to ask yourself to determine whether you need a disaster recovery plan: “Can my business continue to function if I had to be shut down due to a disaster of any kind?” This session talks about how climate change in Canada has made resort owners more vulnerable to natural disasters and how the effects of a disaster can be minimized. 
Join us as Chartered Insurance Professional Jocelyn Filippini of Gougeon Insurance explains the considerations and steps every resort owner should take to protect their business from the effects of a disaster. Do not be caught unprepared. Disaster planning and crisis management have received a great deal of attention worldwide. Be prepared, learn what you can so that you are empowered to make the right decisions…here is your opportunity.     
Meridian Reservation System
Meridian is now in the process of deploying reservation system solutions for the 3 regions of Tourism Northern Ontario. John Pinter will be showing the status of the deployments and how the individual operators can participate in their local RTO initiative.                                   
John was one of the early pioneers of on-line reservation systems and destination portal creation in the Niagara Region in the late 1990’s. The Info Niagara/Niagara Central Reservations system grew quickly in the subsequent years and by 2007 the software had matured enough to be exported to other destinations. By 2007 the Meridian Reservation Systems was born.  Today, Meridian supplies reservation solutions to over 30 destinations in North America including Tourism Northern Ontario.              
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