MNRF Notice of Digital Image Collection (Forestry Roads)

MNRF will be using trail cameras to study how people use Ontario’s primary forest access roads near:

  • Blind River
  • Sudbury
  • Thunder Bay
  • Dryden and Kenora

The ministry will use the collected forest access road images to classify the types of users on Northern Ontario forest access roads. These roads are more than just forestry roads in many areas; they provide access to First Nation communities, favourite fishing holes and hunting spots, canoe and kayak routes, traplines, berry picking areas, and more.

Cameras are equipped with lens filters to blur images so individuals, logos, licence plates, etc. are not identifiable. If a potentially identifiable image is accidentally captured, it will be deleted or altered to ensure the individual(s) are unidentifiable. These images will help identify the types of users on the roads being studied (e.g., logging trucks, ATV-riders, vehicles towing motorboats or ATVs, vehicles carrying canoes or kayaks, etc.).


Between August 1, 2023 and September 8, 2023, cameras will be installed on the following roads for about two weeks each (view notice):

Blind River

  • Boland Rd
  • Boltim Rd
  • Domtar Rd
  • Kindiogami Rd
  • Panache Lake Rd
  • Shaw Rd

  • 700 Rd
  • Battersby-Antrim Rd
  • Halifax Rd
  • Portelance Rd
  • West Branch Rd
  • Inverness Rd
Thunder Bay

  • Barnum Rd
  • Brule Rd
  • Dog River Rd
  • Eaglehead Rd
  • Mooseland Rd
  • Swamp Rd
  • Whistle Lake Rd
Dryden and Kenora

  • April Rd
  • Camp Robinson Rd
  • Caution Lake Rd
  • Pickerel Lake Rd
  • Sand Lake Rd
  • Witch Bay Rd