MNRF Launches New Fish & Wildlife Licensing System

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  MNRF Launches New Fish & Wildlife Licensing System

The MNRF recently launched a new Fish and Wildlife Licensing System. The new system features a single Outdoors Card and allows you to purchase your Outdoors Card, fishing and hunting licences from the comfort of your home. This new licensing service can be accessed online at, Service Ontario locations, or at your local licence issuers. Your current Outdoors Card will be valid until the expiry date.

Note-Worthy Changes:

  • You will have to carry a “Licence Summary” as proof of your current hunting and fishing licences. You can print multiple copies of the Licence Summary from home, or at participating locations where licences are sold. It is your responsibility to protect the print-outs from weather elements, and to keep them intact and legible at all times. Digital formats of your Licence Summary will also be available.
  • As of January 1st, you will be required to complete a mandatory hunter report if you purchased or are issued a tag. This report has to be filled even if you didn’t hunt or harvest an animal. These reports will need to be submitted either by phone or online: you will no longer receive postcards by the mail. (Note: NOTO has been asking for mandatory reporting with consequences for all hunters for several years and we are pleased to see this now in place)
  • Yellow sticky stock game seals will no longer be mailed. The game seals will be replaced with paper tags that that you will be able to print at a license issuer or a Service Ontario location. You may print your tags from home however, you will only be able to print them once. You are responsible to protect the paper tag from weather elements, and to keep it intact and legible at all times.
  • As of January 1st, 2019, the three separate dog licences (moose/deer, bear and raccoon) will be combined into a single licence which will allow the dog to participate in the hunt in areas where hunting with dogs is permitted.

For the official MNRF news release and additional information on the new licensing system and associated changes, please click the link below.

Official MNRF Announcement

We encourage members to report any concerns to the NOTO Office.

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