MNRF Conducting Bear Hunter Study

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MNRF Conducting Bear Hunter Survey
The MNRF developed a questionnaire for individuals who are licensed to hunt bears in Ontario to meet two primary objectives. First, the survey provides information about expenditures associated with bear hunting in Ontario. This information is being used to assess how the Expanded Spring Bear Hunt Pilot has influenced economic activity within Ontario. Second, the survey provides an opportunity to learn about hunter’s awareness, participation, and views towards the voluntary premolar bear teeth submission program. The MNRF is hoping to make hunters more aware of this program and to learn how to encourage more hunters to participate in the program.
The voluntary survey was sent to 500 licensed hunters from each of six different groups of hunters for a total of 3,000 surveys. These groups are defined by the origin of the hunter (Unites States, northern Ontario, and southern Ontario) and the timing of the 2017 bear hunting licence purchase (Spring and post Spring). Within each of the six groups, 500 hunters were randomly selected to receive the questionnaire.
The MNRF thanks the many hunters who have already responded to the survey request and encourage other hunters to complete this voluntary survey. They will be working over the next several months to enter survey information and conduct analyses.
NOTO has requested that the final survey results be shared with us so we can in turn share them with our members as we move forward on issues we have concerning the way the bear hunt is regulated.

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