MNR Provides Temporary Solution to Moose Tag Issue

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Dear NOTO Member:
NOTO has just received word from Minister Gravelle’s office that MNR will be offering a temporary solution with two options for obtaining moose seals, licences and validation tags for the 2012 Moose hunt. 
The first option will include using the new licensing automated system (LAS) and the second option is a step back to the process that was used in previous years through your local MNR office and does not require that you have the hunting Outdoors Card numbers for your guests in order to receive your tags. 
We have been assured that MNR is working diligently to have all MNR District Offices prepared with all the necessary paperwork to accommodate the needs of the tourist outfitters for the upcoming moose hunt season.
NOTO is pleased to see that MNR has moved quickly on this issue and we will be approaching MNR in the coming weeks to bring forth our industry’s comments and recommendations for future hunting seasons.
MNR will be sending out a letter to all tourist outfitters involved in the Moose hunt along with a step by step breakdown of the two options they are providing for this year.
Please be sure to notify us if you encounter any problems or have any concerns with this temporary process.
Doug ReynoldsExecutive Director

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